Interior Couture & Decoration

Many years ago in Paris, late one night, I started gilding and painting huge stylised roses, to sew onto my curtains… bespoke sculpted curtains were born and fashion couture spilt into my interior. Shop customers, looking at the screen curtain of the dressing room, began to ask if I could create something for their house… .


Some curtains are screen-like space dividers, almost austere but strongly textured and contemporary in feeling… others clothe a room like a mantle or evening gown.


Some people long for a contemporary statement in the context of a traditional environment, others feel the need for something rich and sensual in a starker context.


So many forms of beauty can co-exist in the same house, indeed they can magnify each other and dialogues between epochs and styles begin… .


My collection includes bespoke cushions, throws, bedcovers, table cloths, table runners, decorative objects.



Architect Barbara Pastor / Studio Pastor Venice

Paolo Utimpergher (Interior Photographer)
Venice 1959

At the age of 20 Paolo found his artistic and intellectual home at the Fortuny Museum which was at the time an avant-garde institution for photography and the applied arts. He worked with the likes of Sandro Mescola, Silvio Fuso, Paolo Costantini amongst others and played an important role in the exhibitions, teaching and publications that emerged from this venerable artistic establishment. As Giorgio Molilnari’s assistant he worked on the cataloging and restoring of 1500 photographs collected by Mariano Fortuny Madrazo during his lifetime.


In 1984 he opened his first Venetian studio, working on photographic architectural representation and industrial design.


He later moved to Milan to work with big companies wishing to develop their communication strategies and became an art director and marketing consultant, using and experimenting with new visual languages as means for expressing architectural, interior decorating and furnishing, still life and advertising photographic imagery.


He was chosen by well known architects to photograph their work and collaborated with the top editorial groups in his field, Paolo now lives between Venice, Ginostra and Milan and continues to work actively and pursue his love of “slow“ and personal photography using film.

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