Fashion Couture

A designer can reveal one to oneself through identification with a form of expression, a way of translating the world and heighten one’s feeling of interior coherency. I have an intuitive, visceral reaction and attitude towards clothing and fabrics, dominated by emotion and instinct… this might be an element of the intellectual freedom both in its reverent and irreverent aspects that clothing expresses.


Clothes can be armor to defend and hide oneself, an attempt to neutralise what one reveals of oneself, an unspoken sign language that says what one struggles to say… .Rarity is a strong component of beauty for me. Some women dress themselves with little at hand and are infinitely memorable… poetic… an embodiment of harmony… the garment merely translates their being.


I hope that my clothing can enhance other women’s feeling of existing in a coherent manner in the world as her internal attitudes and commitments are given external expression.



Natalia Morozova wears jewellery sculptures created by Paris based artist Laila Muraywid.

About our model pianist Natalia Morozova

When Natalia Morozova, the talented and beautiful Russian pianist and Romi Loch Davis met an aesthetic symbiosis was immediately born.


Natalia studied at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow and has won many international prizes as a soloist and as a chamber music performer. She performs all over the world and her repertoire spans from Baroque music to 20th century music.


She has played with important conductors and soloists such as Juri Bashmet, Alexander Ziva, Julian Rachlin, Maxim Vengerov, Gautier and Renaud Capucon, François Salque, Carlo Colombara. Her exceptional musicality, technical refinement, and eclecticism make her an unmistakeable performer in the musical world.


Paola de Calo

Paola is a Venetian based photographer who has worked for labels of the likes of Golden Goose Seventy, Hide and Jack, Al Duca D Áosta, Frauenschuh, Goessl, FGF Blauer among many others.


She is known for her fashion, interiors and landscape photography and frequently travels for work.


Paola is a delight to work with and particularly professional – Romi Loch Davis

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